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Welcome to Confluence

Hello! I'm so glad you found your way here.

While practicing family and emergency medicine as a PA for the last 6 years I came to realize something heartbreaking–we live in a time of unprecedented burnout and preventable sickness. And many of us don't know where to turn for high quality health information or the tools to overcome the countless barriers to wellness in our busy, modern lives. 

I created Confluence to help my clients, colleagues, and community do something truly revolutionary–break through the barriers to feeling well and thriving. As health editor Pilar Gerasimo writes, “We are living in a world that makes it a whole lot easier to be sick, overweight and depressed than to be healthy, happy and resilient." 

In our unhealthy world, it’s a revolutionary act to invest in your wellness and live healthfully. So it's no wonder it can feel like a constant struggle. But you don’t have to do it alone. Having a roadmap and a guide make the journey to vibrant health smoother and much more direct. 

Whether you are experiencing fatigue, stress, headaches, digestive problems, hormonal concerns, allergies, an autoimmune disorder, infertility, weight problems, or a simple desire to create more optimal wellness in your life, I'd love to help you get back in the driver’s seat. So you are creating the well-being you need to do and be all the other important things in your life. 

The Confluence approach to health and healing is founded in the philosophies of evidence-based Functional Medicine. It focuses on the whole person, not just a set of symptoms. It integrates the most current genetic, nutritional, and biochemical research with powerful tools for behavior change and a person-centered philosophy (rather than focusing on diseases!). Think of me as a your personal medical educator and wellness guide, providing you the tools to do more than prevent or recover from disease–to feel deeply well

I hope you’ll join me in the revolutionary act of investing in YOU. 

With Love and Gratitude,
Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA-C


“Amber Valenti Armstrong is a healer in every sense of the word. Her amazing encyclopedic knowledge of medicine coupled with her understanding that healing is a complex equation of emotions, environment, history and self care — makes her guidance comprehensive and invaluable to true change. She helped me through one of the most complicated health and healing situations of my adult life with encouragement, empowered action, and deep medical understanding.
— Catherine Y. // Boulder, CO

Services For Vibrant Health

I specialize in helping people create the ideal environment for their unique body to thrive. With an extensive background in holistic and functional medicine, behavioral change, and over a decade working in medicine, I am honored to offer a multi-faceted tool kit to support you or your clients in creating optimal health. Think of me as a your collaborator in health, personal medical educator, and wellness guide, providing you the tools to do more than prevent disease–to feel deeply well


Health is a journey. At Confluence, I help you create your own personalized roadmap to vibrant wellness. This includes powerful tools to move you towards your health goals while simultaneously helping you nourish a relationship with your body, and yourself, that supports healing.

Imagine having a health coach and wellness guide who is also a highly trained medical provider and functional medicine practitionersomeone who can provide you the highest quality tools and resources to help you cultivate lifelong wellness and feel amazing in the meantime. 

This holistic, root-cause approach to health addresses the needs of your whole selfnot just isolated parts and pieces. I offer natural options to achieve your health goals whenever possible.

These holistic approaches to wellness are offered side by side with the best tools modern medicine and science have to offer. 

Let’s work together to discover and create your highest expression of health. 

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Are you interested in collaborating with a skillful professional who can provide high-quality, evidence-based lifestyle, nutritional, and behavior change consultations? Wish you had the time and tools to fully support those you work with in cultivating whole-person wellness? I would love to support you and your patients with my evidence-based, collaborative, and highly effective consultations.

I utilize the Functional Medicine Model as a foundation for this coaching work and integrate the wisdom of a variety of nutrition, lifestyle, and conventional medicine resources. My coaching and behavioral change services help your patients and clients make meaningful change toward health supporting behaviors that support their goals. In addition my services help them create the conditions for life-long wellness. 

I believe our patients and clients benefit exponentially from thoughtful collaborations amongst multiple providers with a variety of skill sets.

Join me in supporting those we work with in truly thriving.

Interested in collaborating, consulting on cases, or referring patients? 

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I've collaborated with honored colleague, fellow yogi, and psychotherapist Cara Maiolo, LPC, to create transformative mind-body medicine retreats and courses for women. 

We created Luminary to help the incredible women we work with grow into their most amazing lives, fulfill their potential, and experience profound contentment. We empower women to  offer their unique contribution to the world by understanding how to take better care of themselves with the highest-quality health care information available, and with a handful of powerful personal development tools.

We offer deeply transformative 7 day mind-body medicine and personal development retreats for women, as well as online courses and free resources that provide more people with access to these powerful tools.

We believe the world desperately needs more people who are thriving, shining, and living on purpose. 

Join our community of inspiring women, explore our free offerings, and learn more about our transformative mind-body medicine retreats and courses for women.

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Meet Amber Valenti Armstrong, PA-C

Hello! I'm Amber–wellness guide, educator, Functional Medicine practitioner, PA, group facilitator, speaker, yoga teacher, owner of Confluence Medicine, and co-founder of Luminary Mind-Body Medicine Retreats

I believe connection is the key to most anything great we want in our lives. My work focuses on connection to ourselves, our bodies, our community, spirit and our environment as a way of creating wellness and conscious change. I believe it’s possible to take wonderful care of ourselves, do amazing work in the world, and have a lot of fun in the process.

I have the great honor of combining holistic and natural approaches alongside the best of modern medicine and science in my work. I offer a holistic, root-cause approach to health and use natural options whenever possible. 

I am deeply passionate about supporting those I serve in creating their most vibrant health possible and living into their most meaningful, authentic life. 

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